Definitions of Key Terms

Copyright Copyright is the exclusive right that automatically exists when something is created.  It also means that that person also has the exclusive right to allow someone else to use it.  Under Canadian copyright law the originator of the work has the exclusive right to produce, reproduce or modify the work or allow someone else […]

Journal #3: Twitter in Education

Objective In this blog post the writer discusses a research article on twitter in education. The statistics give a clear indication of the growth of twitter in general, with 100,000,000 total users today and 300,000 people per day signing up! The increasing use of twitter in education is mostly with college faculty.  In this particular […]

Journal #2: Building on the Social Layer

Objective Seth Priebatsch talks about how we have gone through the decade of  building the social layer – about how we changed the way people connect with each other.  He views this coming decade as the one where the game framework is built that will motivate, influence and change behaviours in people.  He talks about […]

Assignment #2: Technology and Trends in Education

Article #1:  Facebook – Learning Tool or Distraction? One Ontario school district (Waterloo Regional) made the decision to embrace the increasing popularity of social media amongst the students by allowing high school student (13 years and older only) access to social media websites (yes, even Facebook!) while they are at school.  The vision was to […]

Hello world!

I am an instructor at Sprott Shaw College in the  Early Childhood Education department.  I have many years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education; in particular with Montessori Education. I currently study at Northern Lights College (Children with Exceptionalities and Infant & Toddler Development) and at the University of the Fraser Valley […]