Resource Blog Self Assessment – Assignment #4


I learned pretty much everything required to create a basic blog in this course.  I had no idea how to do so before and thought that the learning curve would be much more difficult that it truly was.  I can now create a blog, edit it and use a variety of types of media on it.  I learned a lot about how to format it and make it appealing to look at and easy to navigate through.  I would like to learn more about adding video

I liked Emelda’s blog because it was very visually appealing and had a dramatic look to it.  I also liked Marty’s because it was very easy to navigate and it had a lot of good content.  I can see how people in his field would find it interesting.  He also had videos on his blog that were pretty cool.

I plan to use the blog in the future in my field of Early Childhood Education (ECE) to share ideas, current events and other internet resources for my students and peers.  I can see how it could become a place to put references to things that are interesting that you would like others to see.  For my students, putting examples of past work, photos of class activities or even video of role plays that we do in class would be useful and inspiring for the students.  It would also be a good way to collaborate with other instructors.

The next time I create a blog, or as I continue to make this one grow, I would like to have an archive of old posts so they are not on the home page and adding clutter.  I would also like to have sub categories as well for different topics like Activity Planning and Guiding and Caring. In addition, I would like to spend more time investigating what application is the best to use and the most user-friendly.  I settled on wordpress, but I was rushing and wanted to get started!  I have been able to satisfy the requirements of the assignment, but it was not without some pain and frustration.    

I do like the overall look of my blog; the 3 columns with the links down one side and the other side being lighter with an airy graphic.   I would like to add some more color and make it more visually appealing eventually. What I don’t like is that there is this little http:// thing hanging in front of my YouTube video.  I really wanted to include the video, but I could not get rid of the annoying little http://.  Overall, I’m very satisfied with my blog – especially considering where I started.


This blog is professional, well organized and informative enough to use in the work place; to share with peers and students.  The content has a wide variety of information, links, resources, video clips, and a significant range of different media.  The blog is grammatically correct and has a strong written content.  I think that this blog deserves a full mark of 100 given that, in my opinion, the blog more than satisfies the requirements of the assignment.


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