Copyright Wiki Self Assessment


The group process was challenging but achievable.  We accomplished the goals of the assignment and I felt like I learned a ton in the process – about copyright, actually creating and developing a wiki and working in a team using solely social media.  I was a little apprehensive about this course, because I had heard how self-directed it was and how some other students in the past had difficulty with it.  It was however, frustrating at different times for each of us for different reasons.  Each of us individually had at least one technical problem or hurdle that we had to get over that slowed us down.

Our group collaborated well and we all came to the project with different ideas on what information would be useful to research.  We used that as a starting point – deciding on what the content would be useful to each of us in our practice or for future use.  From there, we went off and researched and gradually added content over time until we achieved a rich, solid and interesting resource with a variety of informative topics.   I think that I have learned enough now, that I could use a wiki for group assignment in the courses that I teach.

The technical background of our members also varied a great deal.  Some of our group had limited experience even with Facebook and computers in general. In this respect, the group aspect made the process easier at times because we could all help each other.  The tools (in particular oovoo and the moodle forum) allowed for us to work effectively as a group even with our various and busy schedules.  In the end, I can see how these tools, twitter and Facebook can be useful for collaboration and communication with a small or larger group.

At this time, I cannot access the other classmate’s wikis, but I can access the wikis of past students.  In particular I liked Tina and Dave’s because it is clean and tidy and easy to navigate through.

In my own teaching, I would find a wiki useful for my own students to create as a way of sharing information throughout the program.  One approach would be for them to create a wiki during their program and then continuing to it on during their practicum.  Some relevant topics might be; current research on child development, speech & language development, preschool activity ideas, behaviour management tools or current events.   For the students, learning how to use such a tool might be useful in the field as a way to communicate with the parents of a child care centre or share information to an even wider audience.   The benefits to the student are teamwork and learning the technology in addition to the actual content of what they post.

I also think that creating a blog for my department and campus specifically as a way to create and continue a network of people who are interested in the field in general or taking further courses.  This is beneficial to the college and supports the students as they enter the field and begin their career.

Next time I would make a clearer definition on what the layout should be and what the content should be of each page.  I found that we did some overlapping through the process.  This may have been valuable for our own learning, but the end product needed to be modified to eliminate the duplication.  The reality of working with a group of people and not ever seeing them and coordinating many schedules was part of the challenge.  As well, I would clarify right at the beginning as to what context the copyright information was to be within – was it just for Canadian law or international too?    As a group, using the various social media tools, we navigated our way through the process and finished with an excellent resource that I am proud of.


I think that our blog is useful as an educational resource and is professional enough to share with my peers at work.  The content is plentiful, relevant, has a high level of attention to detail and in my opinion surpasses the expectations of the assignment.  There is a wealth of relevant and useful resources and links that are wide ranging and provide an in depth look at the topic.  The wiki is well structured and organized and is reflective of proper English.

This wiki reflects the level a learning that exceeds the requirements of the assignment.  I personally feel very confident (and excited) about going forward and making full use of what this technology has to offer in the future!  Therefore, I feel confident that this assignment is worth the full 100 marks (30 on the rubric).


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