The black doll white doll experiment

When does racism start?  Do we need to think about racism in ECE? Is this type of experiment still relevant? Kenneth and Mamie Clark – two incredibly bright African American Psychologists who were actively involved in the civil rights movement, conducted this original experiment in the 1930’s.  Their work was instrumental in the ruling that […]

Journal #4: Course Reflection

Objective: I began this course with little or no experience with wikis, blogs, oovoo or even twitter.  I admit that, shamefully I had not even skyped. The topic of copyright was vague to me too, yet important given that as an instructor, I need to be aware of the rules for myself and for my […]

Copyright Wiki Self Assessment

A. The group process was challenging but achievable.  We accomplished the goals of the assignment and I felt like I learned a ton in the process – about copyright, actually creating and developing a wiki and working in a team using solely social media.  I was a little apprehensive about this course, because I had […]